Caribbean Queen Tropical Look using Alamar Cosmetics


Want to be a Caribbean Queen Today?


Who doesn’t want to feel like a Caribbean Queen for a day? Let’s just say I was feeling colorful and tropical vibes today. Also wishing I was on vacation to get the whole 360 experience! But anyways, today I will be writing about a new and beautiful palette I came across from June’s Boxy Charm box.

If you haven’t heard about Boxy Charm you are seriously missing out! Boxy Charm is a subscription based beauty box in which you receive up to 5 or 6 Full sized beauty products to your door each month. The value of the box is always over $100 and you get amazing brands such as MAC, ColourPOP, Coverfx, Girlactik, Becca and more for only $21 a month! If you want to give this box a try click this link Boxy Charm You will thank me later!


When I found out that Boxy Charm was featuring the Alamar Cosmetics Palette in their June Box I was extremely excited! The Alamar Reina del Caribe Palette has given me life this summer with their beautifully pigmented and colorful shadows. The colors blend so well together you can do so many different types of looks. The palette is beautifully packaged and comes with 8 shadows. Its the perfect size to travel and I believe it looks like a little tropical notebook, ha ha. The Shade ‘El Malecon’ is my absolute favorite!

Being that the palette is all about the beauty of the cuban culture I really love what the brand stands for! I myself was born in Miami but my entire family is of cuban descent so I really related to the brand. The colors are bright and beautiful and yea you can say I am obsessed! You can find this gorgeous palette at Alamar Cosmetics.



Step 1: Prime the eye lids with MAC Prolongwear concealer (you can use any concealer).

Step 2: Use “Coco-taxi” as a transition shade in windsheild wiper motion above the crease.

Step 3: Add depth by using “Tropico” on the crease below “Coco-Taxi”.

Step 4: Deepen up the end corners with “Cafecito”.

Step 5: Add “El Malecon” to the lids.

Step 6: Add “Celia” to the bottom lash line for a pop of color!


I Hope you guys enjoyed this look! It’s a perfect look for summer time! Again check out Boxy charm and Alamar Cosmetics for amazing products that will make your day so much brighter!

-Vane ❀

5 comments on “Caribbean Queen Tropical Look using Alamar Cosmetics”

  1. OMG! I can’t believe these pictures!! First of all you’re just the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. Secondly your makeup deserves an A++++. So many makeup bloggers take such awful pictures, but that is NOT the case with you, yours are just on freaking point! Sorry I’m getting too excited haha. Girllll, you just gained yourself another follower over here. I hope you’ll have an amazing summer rocking this amazing makeup look <33 xx

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