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Fall/Autumn 2018 Outfit Ideas

HELLO FALL! So… fall has arrived! This is actually my favorite time of the year! Maybe thats because I live in Miami and its pretty much summer all year long. I am so excited to get a little breeze soon!! Anyways, it is now time for a wardrobe revamp! You are probably wondering what should

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How-to: Summer Bronze Makeup

GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE SUN! Summer bronze makeup is all about a flawless glow and bronze skin! Let’s face it we all want that beautiful tanned skin (especially me that I am so fair skinned) for the summer! I am sure my fellow pale beauties can relate, haha! Since I am very fair skin

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Caribbean Queen Tropical Look using Alamar Cosmetics

Want to be a Caribbean Queen Today? Who doesn’t want to feel like a Caribbean Queen for a day? Let’s just say I was feeling colorful and tropical vibes today. Also wishing I was on vacation to get the whole 360 experience! But anyways, today I will be writing about a new and beautiful palette

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